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I Want….

…to be free of the negativity and have more energy for positive thoughts and getting things accomplished. …to please Him, and be pleasing to Him, in every way possible. …Master to tie me to the bed and use me. …to … Continue reading

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There are those times when you open your mouth, and it’s only after the words have left your lips that you become surprised at how they made their way around your foot! I’m not making excuses but I believe a … Continue reading

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An Afterthought…or two….

I also expressed to Master that living an M/s lifestyle is very much a balancing act between the slave and the Master.  It is much easier for me to be a good slave when He is being a good Master, … Continue reading

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Physical or Mental, Master or Asshole….

Reading a couple of posts on other blogs led Master and I into a discussion about submission and Dominance, mainly how hard it is to accomplish some of the Dominant behavior without being an asshole, and the difference between physical … Continue reading

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Ho, Ho, Whore….

  We had a wonderful time with family – it’s always nice when so many related people can get together with nothing but laughter, smiles, and peace.  Good presents, great food, and amazingly happy times. I hope everyone had a … Continue reading

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A glimpse of our life….

I didn’t hear Master come home from work as I was upstairs cleaning the bedroom.  He came up to find me on my knees, bent down, and cleaning under the bed.  When I saw Him I started to stand so … Continue reading

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A True Master is…..

Ok  there’s been something on my mind lately, percolating so to speak, and I think I’ve come to enough conclusions to put it out there.  I’ve been reading a lot of posts on blogs warning submissives about “fake” dominants.  Multiple … Continue reading

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