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Interlude for an Amazing Day….

A heart-wrenching, emotionally draining, painful and most amazingly wonderful thing happened today and although I’m a little exhausted I had to put it out there. I had been having a rough time emotionally, inside my head, these last few days. … Continue reading

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Honest Blogging (Part 2 – the bad times)

Second, on my proverbial examination table, which I’m now turning into a comfy psychiatrists couch (because it’s much more about strong internal emotions and feelings), is the “bad times” themselves. What constitutes a bad or difficult time in the D/s … Continue reading

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Honest Blogging (Part 1 – the being honest part)

Ever since this subject of blogging honestly came up I’ve been deep in thought over all the aspects of it. That’s what I do – turn a subject over and over in my mind (probably a little too often, thank … Continue reading

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So I guess I’m not a “Good girl” after all….hehehe

While doing some research I found some images that were too good not to share.  So much for being a good girl!  😉 Very…very…bad (or at least kinky)! Yep, but only bad in the best sense of the word…. Oh … Continue reading

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Blogging Honesty

theagingsub had a great post the other day, titled Keeping the Faith, that was mainly about the joy in having your Dominant “get it” and how good it feels to know you are truly understood. But another thing she mentioned got … Continue reading

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