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Blogging Honesty

theagingsub had a great post the other day, titled Keeping the Faith, that was mainly about the joy in having your Dominant “get it” and how good it feels to know you are truly understood. But another thing she mentioned got … Continue reading

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Rituals and “Bad Master!”

In a D/s or M/s dynamic rituals can be very important. A ritual is something that is done, on a repetitive basis, with a certain intent or focus and it can help a submissive/slave stay in that mindset even when other … Continue reading

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Falling In Love….With Yourself

Do you think negatively about your body? Most women do. I will be the first to admit I have self image issues. I have for a very long time. This has a negative effect not only on my way of … Continue reading

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Feminist Movement versus Submission

I’ve read a few posts recently on Feminism and BDSM, which was funny since I had been mulling around that very same topic in my head for a few weeks now.  In one way as it pertains to society as … Continue reading

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Do Not Be Afraid….

So I was wondering what would be my first post of 2014 and I came across it accidentally while watching a movie.  Of course there were a million other things floating around in my head, a number of possibilities, but … Continue reading

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There are those times when you open your mouth, and it’s only after the words have left your lips that you become surprised at how they made their way around your foot! I’m not making excuses but I believe a … Continue reading

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An Afterthought…or two….

I also expressed to Master that living an M/s lifestyle is very much a balancing act between the slave and the Master.  It is much easier for me to be a good slave when He is being a good Master, … Continue reading

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