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Honest Blogging (Part 2 – the bad times)

Second, on my proverbial examination table, which I’m now turning into a comfy psychiatrists couch (because it’s much more about strong internal emotions and feelings), is the “bad times” themselves. What constitutes a bad or difficult time in the D/s … Continue reading

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Trust Me – This is Going to Hurt

  In BDSM play, or rough sex, a lack of trust and honesty can definitely be life threatening.  Some couples use safe words to let their partner know when something is too much and I think that is definitely a … Continue reading

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Build Trust and I Will Follow….

  Trust is paramount in this type of lifestyle!  And along with being so very important it is also a very large portion of why this type of relationship can be stronger than most vanilla relationships.   There are also many … Continue reading

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What a girl wants, what a girl needs….

Throughout this whole process of finding the lifestyle, learning that it’s not just what I want but what I need, and figuring out how we can implement it so that it fits us, I’ve been doing an interesting amount of … Continue reading

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